VRE Rail group hosts Lynchburg, TDX delegation - TransDominion Express


VRE Rail group hosts Lynchburg, TDX delegation

VRE Rail group hosts Lynchburg, TDX delegation

Successful passenger rail service shares best practices


LYNCHBURG, Va.,— In anticipation of the new Lynchburg to Washington D.C. service, a local delegation visited the Alexandria headquarters of the Virginia Railway Express. Chamber President and CEO, Rex Hammond was accompanied by Lynchburg City Councilman Turner Perrow, Charlottesville TransDominion Express Committee Member Rebecca White and Chamber staff Corrin Hoffmann.   


The delegation rode the morning train from Broad Run into the city and was then treated to a tour and presentation by VRE’s CEO, Dale Zehner. The conversation mostly focused on best practices and lesions learned in VRE’s 17 plus years of service.  


“This was an excellent chance to get to know several VRE employees and dialogue with them about the service. VRE has an excellent reputation in Virginia and has been helpful and supportive in promoting other passenger rail services in the Commonwealth,” said Rex Hammond, President and CEO of the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.  


The Chamber is currently working closely with the Department of Rail and Public Transportation, the City of Lynchburg, and the Committee to Advance the TransDominion Express to ensure the new service is a success.





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  1. I hope the new proposed service can become a reality from Lynchburg or Roanoke (in the future) to Washington. There are many people who would take advantage of an earlier train with less need for reservations, or a train from Lynchburg to Richmond that continued to Washington on an early schedule.