Historic "611" Train Chugs Through Lynchburg - TransDominion Express


Historic “611” Train Chugs Through Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA -On Wednesday, the historic 611 train made a stop in Lynchburg on its way to Manassas. The steam-powered train is one of fourteen that were built in Roanoke in 1950, but has sat dormant for more than 20 years.

Now restored to its former glory, the 611 is gathering quite a crowd wherever it goes, and its engineers say it’s easy to understand the fascination. Foreman Don Woods says the crowds are coming “Just to see a living, breathing steam engine again, and it’s not in a museum. It’s out here, and its working. That’s something not everybody gets to see.”

The train is scheduled to take excursions throughout the summer. It will stop in Lynchburg again on June 13th.

Watch the video here…

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