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A message from the TDX Executive Director

Dear Supporter of TDX,

With each new administration comes a new beginning for transportation. We know this to be true based upon past experiences with all forms whether it is air or rail service or road funding. One thing however, remains to be consistent in central and western Virginia…collaboration to expand passenger rail service to Bristol and beyond! Former Senator Wampler, members of Bristol’s City Council and Bristol business leaders were the founders of this vision – a vision that, by working together, we could restore passenger rail service to our communities from Bristol to Lynchburg to Washington, DC and Richmond.

For years, the TDX Committee has worked with the VA Department of Rail and Public Transportation to create a dedicated funding stream for current and future passenger rail services in Virginia. The federal Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act (PRIIA) threatened the existence of these projects had the General Assembly not acted in this session. Fortunately, Governor McDonnell and the Legislature did pass the necessary legislation to fund Virginia’s successful passenger rail system including an extension of service to Roanoke. With your support, the TDX Committee will continue to advocate for expanding service to Bristol and beyond.

Transportation is economic development… and dozens of communities across the US have discovered how passenger rail can stimulate tourism and business economies. The newly-adopted transportation plan in Virginia provides steady funding for our rail services.

Together, we have accomplished much including the phase one of TDX from Lynchburg to DC and the recent announcement of service from Roanoke to Lynchburg. However, our work isn’t done and our neighbors further west and south still need our work. We continue to need advocacy and a strong base of supporters so this collaborative committee can work with this new administration to continue the vision that started here more than 15 years ago.

We respectfully request your continued support so we can accomplish our mission. All of our accomplishments are possible because of your involvement and support. We are making a difference and will continue to boldly move forward in the coming year. We ask you to authorize the enclosed invoice to ensure that the effective work of the Committee to Advance the TransDominion Express continues. Please contact us with any questions and comments or if we can assist you in any way.


Christine Kennedy
TDX Executive Director


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